2016年4月20日,苏宁于首届CE China现场举行了小型媒体见面会,以下为苏宁云商集团股份有限公司华南地区总部执行副总裁徐耀华发言实录:

尊敬的Jens Heithecker先生、各位媒体朋友:

Respected Mr. Jens Heithecker and dear media friends,


Good morning!

首先非常感谢主办方IFA,为包括苏宁在内的所有合作伙伴搭建了一个高水平的展示平台,苏宁非常荣幸能以CE China首席合作伙伴的身份参加此次展会。其次,我要感谢所有的媒体朋友拨冗莅临苏宁展厅。

First of all, thank the sponsor IFA for building a high-level exhibition platform for all partners including Suning, and it is a great honor for Suning to attend this exhibition as the chief partner of CE China. Secondly, I’d like to thank all media friends for sparing time to be present at Suning Exhibition Hall.


We have just discovered many old friends in the media team visiting here. Many people have been long active at the first line of report on 3C field of household appliances, and they are very familiar with Suning. Also, I have discovered many new faces and some foreign media friends here. Now, please allow me to briefly introduce Suning and its transformation process in these years to each new friend here.

一、 苏宁成功完成互联网转型  O2O零售优势明显 
I. Suning has completed Internet transformation successfully, and enjoyed obvious superiority in O2O retail.


After 25 years of development since its establishment in 1990, Suning has established a solid chain network and comprehensive e-commerce platform covering more than 600 domestic and overseas cities. Wherein, www.suning.com ranks the first three places in Chinese B2C market, the offline chain network of Suning covers the regions including Chinese Mainland, Chinese Hong Kong, Chinese Macao, Japanese Tokyo and Osaka, etc., and Suning has more than 1,600 physical stores and 180,000 employees. At present, Suning has become a largest business retail enterprise of China, and ranks the first three places among Chinese Private Enterprises.


Suning has taken the lead in bringing forward and practicing O2O in China. Since starting marketing reform and Internet retail transformation in 2009, Suning has actively grasped the opportunity of Internet, and used Internet technology to reform traditional retail. In 2015, in the background of that the macroeconomic growth was slowed down, and the growth rate of the retail amount of national top 100 key retail enterprises dropped for the fourth year successively, Suning Commerce achieved great growth in online and offline performance, and realized operating revenue RMB135.676 billion, representing an increase of 24.56% over the last year; accomplished a general scale of commodity transaction on online platform RMB50.275 billion, representing an increase of 94.93%. Various data show that, Suning has formed and finalized the Internet retail mode, and stepped into the fast lane of enterprise development.

二、苏宁稳居家电3C零售第一  释放超强“引力波” 
II. Suning ranks the first place stably for 3C retail of  household appliances, and releases ultra-strong “gravitational wave”.


Speaking of Suning, many friends know that Suning has started by selling home appliances, and has always ranked a leading place in the 3C retail field of Chinese household appliances. According to GfK data, in 2015, the sales of household appliances increased by 5.2% over the last year, and wherein, Suning ranked a leading place in the market for the growth rate and market share, and stably ranked the first place in the household appliance retail market.

  刚刚过去的418,苏宁和天猫我们一起又创造了一个奇迹,XXX  ,其中3C的销量可以比肩去年的“双十一”。。。。包括今天参展的西门子、三星、夏普在内的上百个品牌商都给予了418以超强力度的支持,当然他们也在这次猫宁第一次联合练兵中收获颇丰。那么,很多朋友要问了,苏宁为什么有这么强的吸引力,苏宁的超强“引力波”的力量源泉在哪?

In the “April 18” sales promotion activity having just ended, Suning and www.tianmao.com created many miracles, XXX, and wherein, the sales volume of 3C was comparable with that during the last “Nov. 11” sales promotion activity … More than 100 brands, including Siemens, Samsung, Sharp attending today’s exhibition, provided ultra-strong support for the “April 18” sales promotion activity; and of course, they harvested much from the first cooperation between www.tianmao.com and Suning. Many friends will ask why Suning has so strong attraction, and where the source of Suning’s ultra-strong “gravitational wave”.

三、 合作共赢  苏宁互联网零售CPU全面开放 
III. Through win-win cooperation, Suning Internet retail CPU is opened comprehensively.


Along with the transformation of Suning to Internet, Suning has a broader and broader circle of friends in recent years. In the latest year, a batch of excellent enterprises such as Alibaba, Vanda, ZTE, etc. has become our close comrades-in-arms, and some European centuries-old brands, such as Blomberg, have also become our new members in the construction of Internet retail ecology. Just now, our old friend Bosch Group released its new products exclusively at Suning first, and our president Hou Enlong attended the new product release ceremony personally. Everybody trusts Suning so much, and I think, on the one hand, it’s sourced from the powerful strength of Suning in Chinese retail field, and on the other hand, it’s because of the approval on Suning’s attitude of opening up to the outside world and seeking for win-win development actively.


In the last September, Chairman ZHANG Jindong formally announced that, after six years of exploration and practice, Suning Internet retail CPU was formed. Meanwhile, Chairman ZHANG required opening these core capacities to partners comprehensively, in order to build up the ecological circle of Internet retail.


In the following, I will briefly introduce to you from three concrete levels what Suning Internet retail CPU could bring about to brand owners, especially new joiners or intended partners.

第一是苏宁成新品首发“T台” 全渠道魅力十足 

The first is that Suning becomes the “T-shaped stage” for the first release of new products, and has full charms in virtue of its full channels.


Experience is necessary for making users cognize and even identify with new products, especially these high-tech new products exhibited here today as fresh things. On pure online e-commerce platform, users can only understand products through characters, pictures and videos, and cannot contact new products directly. But in Suning which has full-channel superiority, users can not only understand product information online through www.suning.com and Suning Flagship Store at www.tianmao.com, but more importantly, through more than 2,600 offline chain stores of Suning, users could contact new products in a zero-distance way, and experience new products on the spot. Just because of such full-channel superiority, many brand owners have obtained a sales performance, which is unavailable from other platforms, by issuing new high-tech products at Suning, and greatly shortened the time for new products to be accepted by users.


With new Lenovo product 710S as example, in the “April 18” Shopping Festival having just ended, more than 2,000 sets of this product were sold in a short time of only one hour on April 14, the first day of the big sales promotion. A longer time ago, German high-end household appliance brand Blomberg having a history of 132 years appeared in Chinese market for the first time last November, selected Suning as the only online and offline channel, and realized a sales volume of 100,000 sets in a short period of 3 months. These days, we have established contact with brand owners participating in today’s exhibition, and many of them hope to sell their new products appearing at this exhibition at Suning firstly. Here, we welcome more brand owners, including European and American brand owners, to cooperate with Suning, and to share the latest and cutting-edge technologies with Chinese consumers through Suning.

第二是苏宁不断创新模式 众筹、C2B定制效果抢眼

The second is that Suning has innovated modes constantly, and achieved striking effects in crowd-funding and C2B customization.


The American Fellowes Company having a history of around 100 years focuses on the manufacturing of external camera lens for iPhone. On Mar. 15, ExoLens professional external camera lens for iPhone appeared at Http://zc.suning.com. The crowd-funding project aroused consumers’ attention immediately after getting online at 10:00a.m., and attracted consumers to participate in the crowd-funding project actively. In a short time of only several hours, the crowd-funding amount reached the preset doorsill for successful crowd-funding RMB1,000,000. ExoLens Company has many other projects like this. Up to the present, Http://zc.suning.com has assisted 654 project teams in raising more than RMB600 million initial capital for entrepreneurship, achieved 17 projects of RMB10 million magnitude and 38 projects of RMB1 million magnitude, and attracted 1,954,000 persons to support innovation and entrepreneurship projects. As a grade-three class-A platform in crowd-funding industry, Http://zc.suning.com is also the only full-channel platform which develops crowd-funding product experience simultaneously through online platform and off-line solid store in China, and covers many crow-funding fields such as technology, design, public commonweal, agriculture, culture, entertainment, real estate, etc. In the next, we will negotiate with some intended brands participating in this exhibition, in order to provide opportunities for more high and new technologies to settle in Asia through Http://zc.suning.com.


In the era of Internet, the very core is to win users and have insight into decisive occasions. At present, Suning has 250 million members, and what worthy mentioning is that, for this “April 18” activity, www.suning.com and www.tianmao.com cooperated deeply, and the two parties have totally up to 600 million members, nearly covering most of Chinese netizens, and this huge number of members has also laid a foundation for reverse customization of C2B. Haier Little Sea Lion Water Heater launched based on big data analysis gave an outstanding performance on the first day of “April 18” activity, and as of 12:00p.m. at the noon, this product realized an offline transaction volume of 5656 sets and an online order quantity of up to 3,000 sets.


The third is that Suning could provide “move-in condition” for brand owners in virtue of its strong service capacity.


Today, I have seen many excellent foreign enterprises at the exhibition, and among them, some enterprises have not entered into Chinese market, but they have very strong desire to enter into China. However, many enterprises having no business foundation in China worry about that they would spend too much energy on starting from scratch in China, so they are discouraged. After contacting these enterprises, Suning has given them the confidence in entering China. Why? Because Suning could provide “move-in condition” for foreign brands.


The concept “move-in condition” indicates that, foreign brand owners could settle at Suning with their high-tech products accepted by the market, and they only need to focus on their own products, while Suning may contract their after-sales services and logistics service. Concretely speaking, some foreign brands have no foundation in Chinese market, and especially, many brand owners worry about the after-sales services of electronic consumables, but Suning could make these enterprises confident in entering into China in virtue of its strong after-sales service and logistics service ability.


It’s learnt that, at present, Suning’s after-sales service brand ---help.suning.com has established 191 after-sales service centers and more than 5,500 after-sales service outlets nationwide, and the outlet coverage is up to 100% in the first- and second-tier cities, and up to more than 98% in the third- and fourth-tier cities. In terms of logistics, Suning has 5,000,000m2 logistics warehousing area and 660 urban distribution centers at present. Suning logistics could realize express delivery in more than 95% of regions and counties, with a timeliness ratio of up to 91.71%, and has realized small-piece coverage in 93.9% of towns and big-piece coverage in 81.3% towns nationwide. This year, Suning will further open logistics, and it plans to invite 50% of suppliers to join the open system of Suning Logistics and share Suning logistics services.

四、紧握未来消费趋势  苏宁发力智能家居
 IV. Grasping future consumption trend, Suning makes efforts on intelligent home furnishing


Intelligentization is undoubtedly an important trend in future. In 2015, Suning Yunju started online operation formally. As a core product of Suning’s intelligent services, Suning Yunju provides high-speed and stable control experiences for users and provides timing, scene and linkage services for equipment through a control port.


What shall we do if forgetting to turn off air conditioner at home? Fortunately, the intelligent air conditioner at home is linked with the mobile phone, and it may be turned off even if we are in the office. What shall we have for dinner with the foods in refrigerator? The food management in the mobile phone shows that there are two tomatoes and some meat, then it’s enough to buy some eggs and cauliflower. It is not far away for us to enjoy smart life through artificial intelligence. At the newly upgraded Suning Yunju 2.0, users only need to open Suning Yunju APP, and all the abovementioned functions could be realized if only there are corresponding intelligent electric appliances at home.

在硬件上,苏宁旗下的PPTV在此次展会上也带来了即将发布的C系列电视,该系列电视搭载全新64位处理器、采用2GB 内存的主流配置,并搭载PPOS系统,同时拥有强大的影院音效,这无疑是PPTV面向中小尺寸需求用户倾情打造的两款精品。

In terms of hardware, Suning PPTV has also brought about C-series TVs which would be released soon to this exhibition. This series of TVs carries brand-new 64-digit processing unit, adopts the mainstream configuration of 2GB EMS memory, carries PPOS system, and owns strong cinema acoustic effects. This is undoubtedly two high-quality products created by PPTV with love for users having demand on small and medium sizes.


Finally, I would like to emphasize that, this CE-China is an attempt of Suning and IFA which cooperate for the first time to provide an opportunity for Chinese consumers to understand world advanced electronic consumption products. CE-China builds up a good communication bridge and sharing platform for China, Europe and America, could make Chinese consumers know more about the brand products and services of Europe and America, and also provide an opportunity for domestic brands and products to go out of China and head for the world. Suning is very optimistic about and will fully support this CE-China held in Shenzhen, and Suning is willing to share the capacity of its Internet retail CPU with global intended partners.

在此,我预祝此次CE Chian展会能够取得圆满的成功,祝各位嘉宾、媒体朋友身体健康、家庭幸福。

Here, I may this CE China a great success, and may all the guests and media friends good health and happy family!

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