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广州电子消费品及家电品牌展(CE China),作为全球最大的消费电子展IFA的全球活动之一

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IFA 2021新的全球健康不稳定因素迫使IFA柏林国际消费电子及家电品牌展取消




"创新需要一个平台,它需要全球的关注。这就是为什么整个科技行业的品牌和制造商都非常热衷于来参加2021年的柏林国际消费电子及家电品牌展。遗憾的是,最新的公共卫生情况给每个人的活动计划带来了太多的风险" gfu消费电子协会监事会主席Kai Hillebrandt先生说道。"现在存在太多的不确定因素。因此,现在任何人都不太可能负责任地计划参加任何贸易展。" 

"我们并非轻易做出这个决定的。IFA柏林可以说是一年中对品牌商和零售商最重要的活动。IFA Berlin将我们的行业与贸易观众、媒体和真正的消费者联系在一起,这是其他活动无法比拟的。然而,每个人的健康和安全绝对是最重要的。遏制这一流行病的努力——从疫苗接种计划的推出到国际旅行的恢复——并没有以我们希望的速度发生。鉴于这些情况,这个困难而令人失望的决定是不可避免的。"柏林展览公司CEO Martin Ecknig说道。

在柏林ARENA会场举办的柏林摄影周和SHIFT Mobility活动的筹备工作正在按计划进行。

IFA主办方现在正与来自行业、贸易和媒体的伙伴共同合作,为IFA 2022做好一切准备。IFA将在2022年恢复疫情前的规模,并在柏林国际展览中心举行实体展览。


IFA是世界上最重要的消费电子产品和家用电器贸易展之一,其新产品的发布数量不断刷新记录,是主要零售商、买家以及行业和媒体专家的主要交流平台。IFA 202292日至6日在柏林举行。ifa-berlin.com


IFA 2021:

NEW GLOBAL HEALTH UNCERTAINTIES FORCE CANCELLATION OF IFA BERLIN 2021 – The world's leading trade show for consumer and home electronics will return in 2022

Berlin, 19 May 2021 - Messe Berlin and gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH are jointly announcing that IFA 2021 will not take place in September as a physical live event as originally planned.

The decision was made following detailed conversations with public health experts and multiple stakeholders. Ultimately, several key global health metrics did not move as fast in the right direction as had been hoped for - from the rapid emergence of new COVID-19 variants, for example in South Asia, to continued uncertainties about the speed of the rollout of vaccination programmes around the world. This in turn is adding uncertainty for the companies that were committed or interested in coming to Berlin, as well as media and visitors – all of whom have to plan well ahead with regards to budgets, investments and travel – not just for IFA, but all similar events around the world. Another consideration is the fact that Messe Berlin continues to support the fight against COVID-19 by converting parts of its exhibition area into a vaccination centre and an emergency hospital facility; both are now likely to be required for longer than originally anticipated.

"Innovation needs a platform; it needs the focus of global attention. That's why brands and manufacturers across the tech industry were very keen to come to IFA Berlin 2021. Unfortunately, the latest public health developments introduced too much risk into everybody's planning for the event," said Kai Hillebrandt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH. "There simply are now too many uncertainties. Therefore, right now it has become near impossible for anyone to responsibly plan their participation in any trade show.”

"We did not take this decision lightly. IFA Berlin is arguably the most important event of the year for brands and retailers alike. IFA Berlin connects our industry with trade visitors, media and real consumers like no other event. However, the health and safety of everybody has to be absolutely paramount. The efforts to contain this pandemic – from the roll-out of vaccination programs to the resumption of international travel - did not happen at the pace we had hoped for. Given these developments, this difficult and disappointing decision was inevitable," said Martin Ecknig, the CEO of Messe Berlin.

Preparations for Berlin Photo Week at ARENA Berlin and SHIFT Mobility are continuing as planned.

The organisers of IFA are now working with their partners from industry, trade and media to get everything ready for IFA 2022, which will be held as a full-scale live event at the Berlin exhibition grounds.

About IFA Berlin

IFA, the world's most significant trade show for consumer and home electronics with a record number of new products being unveiled is the main market place for key retailers, buyers, and experts from the industry and the media. IFA 2022 takes place in Berlin from 2-6 September. ifa-berlin.com