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Happy Chinese New Year!

We would like to welcome with you the year of the tiger – the year of courage, adventure, optimism, assertiveness and willingness to take risks. May it be a strong, profitable and happy year. Wishing you good health as well as endurance for your goals and aspirations. We also thank you for the successful collaboration during the year and look forward to continuing our long-term business relation. We hope the days ahead are filled with joy, new opportunities and contentment.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in person, soon.


虎跃新程 (hǔ yuè xīn chéng) - The Tiger starts a new journeytogether with you in 2022!


IFA Berlin, Berlin Exhibition (Guangzhou) and CT Lab Global Media Team





虎跃新程 2022年我们一起再创辉煌!


德国柏林IFA团队、广州伯林展览公司及CT Lab Global Media团队